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Announcing ACE C18 Amide for polar to non-polar analytes !

Announcing ACE C18-Amide

ACE C18-Amide


The ACE C18-Amide is a new, uniquely designed stationary phase offering enhanced retention of polar compounds with alternative selectivity to C18 based products.

The ACE C18-Amide provides retention for polar to non-polar analytes with multiple modes of interaction. It therefore perfectly complements the existing unique ACE portfolio products such as ACE C18-AR and ACE C18-PFP which provide alternative selectivity and ideal retention for moderately polar to non-polar analytes. For method development, ACE is building an enviable portfolio of unique products to meet chromatographers needs.

The C18-Amide will be available in 2um, 3um, 5um & 10um particle sizes offering excellent peak shape, stability and robustness and still based on the same ultra-pure ACE silica. The new C18-Amide comes with all of the ACE portfolio characteristics such as reproducibility, high quality and performance. It was introduced at the HPLC2013 show in Amsterdam, Holland (16-20Jun13) and available to Achrom.

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