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10-01-2018 PROMOTION ON GracePure SPE columns
  Achrom PROMOTION :  ... read more
10-01-2018 New HALO Hexyl Phenyl 160A column for Peptides
  contact ACHROM for more info : achrom@achrom.be... read more
  High discount as introduction offer ( till... read more
31-10-2017 IEX media for the analyses and purification of biomolecules from YMC
       Ion exchange (IEX) media is widely used in the analysis and purification of biomolecules. For instance, ... read more
31-10-2017 ACE HILIC Development kits : 3 columns for the price of 1
  HILIC provides improved retention and alternative selectivity to RPLC for polar and very polar analytes. The HILIC separations typically include a polar stationary phase with high... read more
21-04-2017 YMC Chiral brochures now expanded extensively
  YMC expanded the chiral brochure extensively. The new YMC Chiral brochure contains 60 pages instead of... read more
22-03-2017 ORIGINAL GRACE LC columns available from ACHROM !
 Dear Client,   Achrom wants to inform you that,  very recently Hichrom in the UK acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture Vydac,... read more
22-03-2017 NEW HILIC Fusion columns from HILICON
  Do you have very polar components to analyse ? Try out than the unique  HILIC columns from HILICON      Click... read more
22-03-2017 New 1000A HALO PROTEIN COLUMN
      ... read more
22-03-2017 New in our portfolio : Gas Generators
  ... read more
26-01-2017 SGE Product Data and Part Numbers FLIP CATALOG
Click on the cover to open the catalog please    The catalog... read more
05-07-2016 Purification of monoclonal antibodies by Ion Exchange with BioPro SmartSep from YMC
 Hereunder you can find an application note for BioPro SmartSep for the purification of antibodies. Very interesting data. It reflects the expertise of YMC in... read more
21-04-2016 YMC Seminars 2016
Packing techniques for laboratory scaled glass columns – Theory and practice ............................................................... page 5   Preparative chromatography – Basics ..................................................................................... page 6   Preparative chromatography – Process development and Scale-Up (advanced) ...................... read more
09-02-2016 Introducing the new Fused Core HALO 2 Peptide UHPLC Column
SHARPEN YOUR PERFORMANCE  CLICK on logo hereunder to open the brochure         ... read more
01-07-2015 ACE Method Development Kits for UHPLC/HPLC : Buy 1 column, 2 free
 ACE Method Development Kits for UHPLC / HPLC ... read more
18-06-2015 ACE 1.7um columns NEW
 Announcing ACE 1.7um Porous Particle UHPLC Phases ... read more
22-04-2015 ACE Ultracore SuperC18 Optimised for MS - 6 pages brochure
Specifically designed for demanding MS application work, ACE UltraCore SuperC18 is based on high efficiency, low back pressure solid-core particles with a unique Encapsulated Bonding... read more
03-02-2015 Special Promotion on ALL SGE Syringes ONLY at ACHROM
Give us the reference numbers of your current syringes,  whatever trademark... read more
02-09-2014 HALO 2um Fused-Core UHPLC COLUMNS
Introducing Halo 2 Fused-Core UHPLC Columns from Advanced Materials Technology.   All of the advantage of sub 2um non-core particles at lower operating pressures * high speed and... read more
03-03-2014 HALO BioClass UHPLC/HPLC columns for Peptides & Proteins
... read more
08-12-2013 ACE ULTRACORE : UHPLC/HPLC Fused Core Columns pH 1,5-11
ACE launched ULTRACORE columns wit Fused core particles Click on the picture to open the Ultracore Brochure   ... read more
12-09-2013 Download new catalog Fused Core HALO columns
  Advanced Materials Technology has recently updated its catalog of HALO UHPLC and HALO-5 HPLC columns to include currently available columns. HALO... read more
06-09-2013 Announcing ACE C18 Amide for polar to non-polar analytes !
Announcing ACE C18-Amide     The ACE C18-Amide is a new, uniquely designed stationary phase offering enhanced... read more
22-08-2013 YMC BIO-PRO Preparative Screening kits !
  YMC lanceert een nieuwe reeks van Screening kits voor de evaluatie op een nieuw uitgebreid gamma van preparatieve Bio-Pro materialen. De kits zijn beschikbaar als 1ml... read more
22-08-2013 NEW : YMC CHIRALE Polysaccharide derivate : Chiral Amylose-C & Chiral Cellulose C
Are you looking to an alternative of your Chiral Daicel or Chiral Phenomex column for analytical and also for prep scale  ? YMC Chiral Amylose-C is alternative for... read more
12-06-2013 Fused Core HALO PROTEIN & HALO Peptide
HALO Protein & Peptide UHPLC columns are designed for fast, high-resolution separation of proteins and peptides. click on the pdf file to read all details ... read more
29-01-2013 New ACE general catalog & website : HPLC & UHPLC columns
... read more
29-01-2013 2 New Triart Phase from YMC : Triart PFP & Triart PFP
click on the link below to open the technical datasheet userfiles/file/Flyer%20Triart_Phenyl_PFP_LQ.pdf Evaluation column is available through Achrom. Call us Tel + 32 9 3800647 ... read more
03-12-2012 eVOl and eVol-XR : World's First Digital Analytical dispenser with removable syringes
Electronical digital syringe eVol , that can be used with 5, 50, 100, 500 µl and 1 ml syringes  click here to open the technical datasheet of... read more
20-11-2012 Very high pressure fittings Upchurch
Upchurch / IDEX has a broad range of very high pressure fittings , also re-usable. userfiles/file/VHP-200.pdf userfiles/file/VHP-300_Rev003.pdf do you want to receive the IDEX catalog... read more
14-11-2012 Syringe Filters
   For NYLON syringefilters, click here Syringe filters with PTFE membrane , click hereunder userfiles/file/PTFE%20Syringe%20Filters.pdf   For PVDF syringe filters  userfiles/file/PVDF%20Syringe%20filters.pdf Syringefilters with  Polypropyleen... read more
18-09-2012 New brand in Labsolvents & chemicals. Contact ACHROM NOW !
... read more
17-09-2012 Standard eVol for a SPECIAL Price !
Do you want to realise also in your lab  ? * to speed... read more
11-09-2012 New YMC catalog 2013-2014 !
The new YMC catalogue 2013 -2014 is just arrived. What's new ? * Versatile (U)HPLC hybrid columns * YMC Actus for fast semi-preparative HPLC high throughput separations * YMC DispoPackAT Flash... read more
03-05-2012 Cadenza & Unison columns from IMTAKT !
Cadenza & Unison available as HT- + UP-Series Imtakt™ now is able to provide nearly the complete range of 3... read more
09-03-2012 GC News : CHIRALE GC Columns - New GC connectionparts from SGE !
MEGA GC columns, specialised in CHIRAL applications. Soon more info on the web. Contact Achrom to discuss your application and ask your testcolumn. SGE has new GC connection... read more
16-02-2011 New Shodex catalog 2011-2012
  We would like to inform you about the new Shodex catalogue 2011 - 2012. ... read more
09-02-2011 NEW SGE Analytical Science catolog 282 pages
Dear client, The brandnew 282 pages SGE's catalog is a technical resource for applications and solutions for all chromatographers , mainly GC ! The catalog is also... read more
20-01-2011 New QuEChERS brochure 2011 from Don Shelly from UCT !
CLICK here to open the new QueChers 2011 brochure !... read more
18-01-2011 INERTSIL columns from GL Sciences
Dear client Inerstil ODS-2 columns and other Inertsil HPLC columns are continuously available from GL Sciences distributors worldwide. Achrom is a distributor for GL Sciences Inc.. Please contact... read more
11-10-2010 Kromasil present Eternity PhenylHexyl !
 Click here to discover the new HPLC / UHPLC phase from Kromasil userfiles/file/Kromasil_Eternity_PhenylHexyl.pdf  ... read more
11-10-2010 New : pp-Pure vial for sample volumes from 100-700ul samples !
  All the details of these unique pure vials can you find in these flyer, please click here !... read more
12-02-2010 Pre-Cleaned Vials for Mass Spectroscopy
  NEW! Mass Spec Certified Vials The industry's first and only pre-cleaned, low particle, low background chromatography vial. The... read more
PROMOTION ON GracePure SPE columns

New HALO Hexyl Phenyl 160A column for Peptides


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New HALO Hexyl Phenyl 160A column for Peptides

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