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SGE GC'Columns in the spotlight !

HIgh Five range of GC Capillary Columns from SGE :

1. BP5MS - Optimized Silphenylene content for general purpose MS analyses

2. BP5 - For general purpose analyses

3. BPX5 - Extremely inert, suitable for general purpose analyses

4. HT5 - Unique phase for hight temperature applications

5. HT8 - The preferred column for polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) compounds

Each of the SGE Five columns has subtly slight different selectivity, giving chromatographers the ability to modify their method withoud significant changes to established conditions, elution order or run times, to achiece resolution of coeluting peaks.

Special promotion on all SGE columns untill 15th september 2012 ! Please contact Achrom 

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IEX media for the analyses and purification of biomolecules from YMC

PROMOTION ON GracePure SPE columns

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Achrom the official VICI Valco distributor

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