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GC Columns



GC Columns for Chromatography



For  GC & GC-MS :


* Packed Columns in Glass or Stainless Steel 

   Give us your type of GC, dimensions of the column and packingsmaterial to fill with

   Ex  15% OV-17 on Chromosorb WHP 100-120M, 1/8' X 6M

* Capillary GC Columns , PLOT Columns & Fused Silica Pre Columns (retention gaps)

  Click on the titles below please

 SGE Analytical Science GC Columns

      SGE Trajan GC catalogus with all the GC columns, see chapter separtions

      TOP 5 of Tranjan SGE's GC Column

      Unique GC Phases from Trajan SGE : 

      Solgel 1MS and SolgelWAX capillary GC columns , very robust with long lifetime 

      HT8-PCB GC Columns

   2. Inertcap Gc columns from GL Sciences 

       ex. Very robust INERTCAP column for AMINES

   3. GRACE Capillary Column brands :

       ALLTECH Heliflex and Econo-Cap now available through Achrom


   4.  PLOT Columns
        Plot APLOT Q,  Plot U, Plot Al203Plot MoleSieve

   5. GsTek GC capillary Columns

   6. CAPILLARY GC "MEGA" Columns , full range standard columns , also Chiral GC capillaries

   7. Agilent Technologies

   8. Teknochroma

   9. Restek, Thermo Sc. and a lot other trademarks also available


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